Businesses & Direct Primary Care

Businesses & Direct Primary Care

Most employers, especially if self-insured, have seen health insurance costs rise to the point where you are passing more costs on to the employee or dropping coverage entirely. Vickery Direct Care allows small businesses to present their employee's affordable access to high-quality care and ancillary services without breaking the bank.

By combining the Vickery Direct Care Plan with a High Deductible Health Plan (catastrophic coverage) purchased through your insurance broker, employers can see significant savings in the cost of providing healthcare coverage. This will improve the bottom line, while still allowing you to take care of your employees. Get the VDCP or just our Urgent Care option (covers conditions that is a lot of Primary Care Doctor's cannot handle) if they want to stay with their regular physician.

Let us help you prevent any avoidable Urgent Care or Emergency Room visits which could save you into thousands of dollars. You now have predictable, controllable expenses for healthcare.


....Avoiding Urgent Care or Emergency Room visits can save you into the thousands of dollars....

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