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How SHOULD I use insurance?

You should not be using your insurance unless it is a major expense. PERIOD!! Anytime you use insurance, they are adding administrative costs to it, so the price goes up. This includes office visits, x-rays, labs, prescriptions, etc. Insurance was designed to cover the catastrophic costs of a medical "event," but spread the payments over several years. This is just like homeowner's insurance against substantial home repairs or replacement. Insurance was not intended to be used for everything. Insurance companies figured out that if they could brainwash us into using it as a basic form of payment, they would make billions off of us. I think this is the number one reason healthcare in the USA is so high.

Examples: You’re excited that your insurance covered that $6,000 procedure, but you forget you paid over $10,000 in premiums for it this year. Remember, the total of your premiums is what you and your employer paid combined (both is your money). Or you paid $100 in copays for your prescriptions that is only $50 if you pay cash. Or if you have a high deductible and file your CT scan through insurance, it will cost you $900, but if you pay cash, it’s only $300.


You think you don’t need VDCP since your employer covers your insurance. They are using YOUR money to pay for your benefits. Raise your deductible and join VDCP so you will have more take-home money. Tell your boss about us and how we can save them and your money.

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