Are your Employee Benefits really that?

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A good many of you that are fooled by the insurance game see your employer as “giving” you a great insurance plan as part of your benefits package. First and foremost, consider that any benefit is essentially nothing more than your income being used for you. It is not something they are “giving” you. Where did you think that money came from? This is nothing against your employer, since we have been brainwashed into thinking that this is what we are supposed to negotiate as a part of employment. On top of all this, Obamacare has put tremendous burdens on companies to contribute to the problem of insurance. Obamacare is forcing companies to push the insurance company’s agenda so they make more money off you.

This graph shows that the cost of Employer-Provided Insurance doubled from 2002-2012. Because of Obamacare the cost has doubled again in just the last 5 years since 2012. To maintain the “low deductible” mentality, companies are offering less in insurance or having to lay off workers altogether.

So how do we fix this problem? There are only a couple of options. First, you convince your employer that a higher deductible combined with a direct pay plan like Vickery Direct Care is the smarter move to truly benefit the employees and increase their take home money. Second, what Clark Howard from WSB radio recommends, is opt out of insurance with your company completely. The advantages are two-fold. It allows you to do what you want with the money so you can raise your deductible and second, if you change jobs you are not completely without insurance during the transition and you take your insurance with you.

Companies have to realize they need to get out of the insurance business and do the right thing and TAKE CARE of their employees. They do not take care of you by taking larger sums of your income to buy something that just goes in an insurer’s pocket and not the employee’s.

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