Are your Employee Benefits really that?

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Are your Employee Benefits really that? 1

A good many of you that are fooled by the insurance game see your employer as “giving” you a great insurance plan as part of your benefits package. First and foremost, consider that any benefit is essentially nothing more than your income being used for you. It is not something they are “giving” you. Where did you think that money … Read More

Northside Hospital-Friend or Foe?

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Northside Hospital-Friend or Foe? 4

We have the benefit of having a good hospital in our area in Northside Hospital Forsyth. Unfortunately, they have also shown to be ruthless and cunning when it comes to payment for services at their facility. I am embarrassed for them in the way that they harass patients to the point just short of physical abuse. I have a few … Read More

How to save $ in healthcare

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How to save $ in healthcare 6

You can save money a number of ways but you have to be willing to break from routine thinking.  That mindset is where Direct Primary Care came from.  Some innovators saw a new way of thinking about how to manage medicine, when in reality it is an old way of thinking about medicine.  This is what we did fifty years ago. … Read More